Adidas initiates CSR program to encourage sports

Adidas initiates CSR program to encourage sports

Herzogenaurach: Adidas AG pledged €1 to a common goal for every 10 minutes of activity logged across 34 sports on the company’s running app between 1 June – 12 June, it said in a statement.


The contributions, according to Adidas, will support projects around the globe that educate and engage communities on sustainability through sport and is a part of the corporate responsibility (CSR) program.

“Move For The Planet is an opportunity to harness the world’s love of sport to support some of the communities that need it most. The impact of the climate crisis is being felt more severely in some places than others, however, the one thing that unites us all is our love for sport,” Ashley Czarnowski, Senior Director, Global Purpose Marketing at Adidas said.
Czarnowski further said that between 1 June and 12 June, the company will be encouraging the global sporting community to join the movement.
Common Goal will direct contributions raised by Move For The Planet to projects in countries including Colombia, Greece, South Africa, and Pakistan.
Whether it’s renewing a community’s sports pitch using recycled materials or providing training on how to reduce plastic waste in sports facilities, the varied programs that have been selected focus on some of the places most impacted by the effects of climate change, it added.
Move For The Planet is part of Adidas’ wider sustainability initiatives, and represents a broadening of Adidas’s focus beyond its 2024 recycled polyester goal.

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