Google launches passkey technology

Google launches passkey technology

NEW DELHI: Google has moved a step closer to ditching passwords and rolling out its passkey technology to Google accounts; the company said, in a statement – “The beginning of the end of the password.”

The tech giant said that the passkey is designed to replace passwords entirely by allowing authentication with fingerprint ID, facial ID or pin on the phone or device you use for authentication.

Passkeys are a new way to sign in to apps and websites. They are both easier to use and more secure than passwords, so users no longer need to rely on the names of pets, birthdays or the infamous “password123.” Instead, passkeys let users sign in to apps and sites the same way they unlock their devices: with a fingerprint, a face scan or a screen lock PIN. And, unlike passwords, passkeys are resistant to online attacks like phishing, making them more secure than things like SMS one-time codes; the company said.

For Google Workspace accounts, administrators will soon have the option to enable passkeys for their end-users during sign-in. The change to passkeys will take time. That’s why passwords and 2SV will still work for Google Accounts; it added. We look forward to helping people, and others in the industry, take this next leap to make signing in easier and safer with Google.

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