Mitsubishi Electric India intensifies its CSR Initiatives

Mitsubishi Electric India intensifies its CSR Initiatives

NEW DELHI: Mitsubishi Electric India has become aggressive to create a sustainable society through its CSR initiatives across India’s several cities.

Intensifying its commitment towards community development and skill development, the company installed air conditioning units at the computer labs of the Government Industrial Training Institute located at Tumkur Roar, BT Centre, Bengaluru.


The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as well as India’s initiatives.


Bengaluru being the center for high-tech industry and the IT hub of the country attracts evolution and advancement. Mitsubishi Electric India’s comprehensive approach to sustainability extends beyond their energy-efficient products and services, by supporting the development of important areas such as education, clean water and sanitation, and healthcare across the city, eventually empowering the nation’s future.


Since 2017, Mitsubishi Electric India has pro-actively strengthened the infrastructure and sanitation facilities for more than 16 government schools, hospitals, industrial training institutes, and public health centers in and around Bengaluru through the installation and regular annual maintenance of RO units, water cooler systems, and air conditioning units.


The CSR initiative has positively impacted more than 10,000 beneficiaries in the vicinity of the city, according to the company.

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