Tata Motors files 158 patents, secures 71 grants in FY 2023

Tata Motors files 158 patents, secures 71 grants in FY 2023

NEW DELHI: Tata Motors, India’s leading player in the commercial and personal mobility solutions space, announced that it continues to accelerate its drive towards engineering excellence and innovation by filing an extensive number of IPR’s FY23. These filings include a record number of 158 Patents and 79 Designs, resulting in the highest cumulative number of patents filed in the country by an Indian OEM manufacturing commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

The filed patents are spread across a broad spectrum of product as well as process innovations and developments across megatrends of CESS (connected, electrified, sustainable and safe) related technologies. They also entail various vehicle systems like powertrain, body & trim, suspension, emission control amongst others. The company also received a grant of 71 patents during the fiscal.

With a holistic approach to sustainability over the last many years, Tata Motors has been successfully developing state of the art technologies, practices and processes to benefit its end consumers while consistently raising the bar for the automotive industry. Its purposeful focus on research and innovation has resulted in the introduction of more efficient, greener, safer, smarter vehicles and concepts which have been designed to transform the mobility of people and goods.

Speaking about Tata Motors’ commitment and focus on R&D, Rajendra Petkar, Chief Technology Officer, Tata Motors, said “With a mindset of continuously challenging the status quo and striving for excellence, we have made innovation a way of life at Tata Motors. Our focus is on developing cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art processes in the areas of new energy, zero emissions, safety, performance, lower cost of ownership and digitalization. We shall continue to invest in developing our engineering prowess to support nation building, create top class mobility solutions and serve the evolving aspirations of our customers.”

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